Choco PROFESSIONAL Education

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Chocoterians.Com brings first & only of its kind (in the whole Choco-verse) institute to bring specialized knowledge to the inhabitants of this planet. All the fellow Chocoterians here we announce the GRAND conceptualization of CSB!!!









The Institute's BEAN (and a fellow Chocoterian) Ch. Dark Hershey brings with him 25 Years of EXTENSIVE experience in managing the Chocolates during the whole of CEC (Chocolate Evolution Cycle). 

CSB offers a vast number of specialized courses:

MBA          Masters in Bitter-Chocolates Administration

MCA -        Masters in Chocolates Application

BA            Bachelors in Artistic Chocos

BMS          Bachelors in Managing Sweet (chocos)

B SC         Bachelor of Sweet Choco

BIB           Bachelor in Baking Choco (dishes)


SAP in collaboration with CSB has come up with a new  module for Choco-Enterprises:

SAP-ISC: Intensive Solutions for Chocoterians

CSB provides the training for SAP-ISC  and helps you in becoming  a SAP CERTIFIED CHOCOTERIAN.